Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.


Omega Delta Phi Fraternity was founded on November 25, 1987 on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The seven founders consisted of Joe Cereceres, Eugene Dominguez, Elliott Bazan, Christopher Dwight Forbes, Arturo Barraza, Juan Barraza, and Tommy Hurtado. As a fraternity, we recognize our first graduate Advisor, Hector Jerry Holguin and faculty advisors Herman Garcia, Frank Silvas, Camilo Martinez and Paula Parras. The fraternity was founded originally to be a service fraternity which primarily focused on the Hispanic community (since there was no organization focusing on assisting this particular group in Lubbock). The traditional vision of our Founders and the many Brothers in our Fraternity grew the mission to include attracting and accepting any willing, qualified, man to join our organization.

Our fraternity has grown to represent all types of races; that is the evolutionary vision of our Founders. With this evolution, we welcome the growing opportunities to expand across the United States and beyond. Our Brotherhood has the strongest of desires to positively affect as many lives as possible. With this goal, we intend to both benefit our fraternal members and the many individuals we have crossed paths with though Service.

Goals and motto

Our goals are to graduate its brothers while giving them a unique and diverse fraternal experience that they otherwise would not have received. As well as to serve our diverse community through community service. 

Our motto being “One Culture Any Race.” While other organizations focus on what they have been, Omega Delta Phi focuses on what we are becoming. The men of Omega Delta Phi are founded on the concept that in order to truly grow as an individual, one must experience views which can challenge preconceived perceptions to foster growth and enlightenment. “One Culture, Any Race.” This is a completely new way of looking at ourselves and the world we live in. “One Culture, Any Race.” A challenge to the closed minded to look beyond what they believe to be true and realize the truth is largely dependent on one’s perspective. “One Culture, Any Race.” A philosophy that suggests the coexistence of various races can be a win-win situation if we are willing to learn from one another. “One Culture, Any Race” is an ideal for a new millennium and a new fraternity.


The National Office of Omega Delta Phi has announced a new national philanthropic collaboration withWounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that provides mental health and numerous other services to injured veterans transitioning back to civilian life. Leading this initiative was Director of Diversity Luis Feliciano from the Department of Operations.

Interested In Joining ?

•Be a full time student 

•Minimum G.P.A. of 2.75 

•Attend one informational during rush week 

Contact information 

Instagram: wsu_odphi 

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